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Originally Posted by been8 View Post
Will do, looks like im getting verified.

Any websites you can point me to at the moment? I currently own an umarex pistol which I got a great deal on, more of their products are welcome.
If you get AV'd you'll be able to find quite a few MP5s and 416s on the market. If you watch the classifieds for a week or two you'll see them go by at various price points and quality levels. For what it's worth, the Umarex MP5 is absolutely wonderful. Shoots, feels, and looks like a million bucks. If you were lazy, you could easily find the G&G non-Umarex, non-trades versions of these as well, but if you're patient you'll find the good stuff.

Get AV'd as quick as you can and re-post in the age-restricted part of the forum.
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