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Meh. Splatters has scarred me for life.

Indoor paintball venues are catastrophically disgusting. It sucks that there isn't enough critical mass in GTA airsoft yet that a venue doesn't have to resort to filling their interior with sand, crazy children, paint that smells like barf and feet, and turning off all the lights.

For anyone who is into the various popular airsoft YouTube channels like crazyncman, echo1, shwell11, evike, etc, it looks like dedicated (clean) airsoft facilities are springing up all over the place down in the US. If any metro area has the potential to have at least one facility for airsoft-only in Canada, it would be the GTA, but I'm unsure how far we have to go for the numbers to be high enough. Things are obviously on an uptick.

I've talked to at least one retailer who was considering opening a field, so it's not out of the realm of possibility.
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