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Originally Posted by Noob7_0 View Post
Sorry for the necro post but I thought it seemed fitting. I am currently running an M4 with a front wired 11.1v lipo. The gun is second hand to me and I have fried 2 switches in the two games I have had it out. I have a MOSFET installed but I think there was something wrong with the way it was wired (there was a wire from the battery connecting directly to the switch which I believe is wrong).

I am considering down grading to a 7.4 buffer tube lipo or a crane stock NiMH. If I were to go the buffer tube route would I need to replace my buffer tube? I am aware that there are some after market tubes that have a slightly larger diameter but I dont know if it is necessary.
Definitely go with the buffer tube LiPo. It will open all sorts of options and LiPos have a lot of nice qualities in general.

For size and fitment, you should be ok as long as you use a small stick-type 7.4, like the G&P 1000mAh 7.4V LiPo (for example -- there are a couple others out there that fit this profile). It fits in some really small places, I have not yet seen a buffer tube that it didn't fit into. A teammate of mine has managed to fit the 1200mAh G&P stick into his buffer tube on his G&P CQB MOE, so there's definitely some room in these buffer tubes.

Side note, the G&P stick is small enough that I've managed to cram it into a KAC PDW handguard (albeit after some modifcations). Try to spot the Deans-wired 1000mAh battery!

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