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1. NEVER cheap out on gear. Too cheap and it'll litterally fall apart. Pantac is pretty well made...and would probably be a base-line/low end of what's going to hold up to the rigors of hard use (for airsoft )

2. TRY to get your pouches and rig from the same said, shades/runs/colours will vary....more so with some patterns vs. others. Same with BDU's, hats, etc..

3. ALWAYS carry some water with you. A bottle, a canteen, a nalgene bottle, whatever. Plus have MORE liquids on hand (i.e. at the staging area). Plus have MORE liquids in the car for the ride home. If you're not're not drinking enough.

Often I'll run a 2L hydration pack in my knapsack with a couple of bottles stashed in there...and sometimes I'll have that on me, sometimes it'll be ditched at base/staging area....if I've ditched my pack, I'll take a bottle or two in my cargo pockets and/or stuff one in a spare pouch.

To skirmishes (i.e. 20-40min shoot 'em ups...then a reload "break" back in the staging area) we'll typically keep a case or two of water/gatorade at the staging area AND take fluids out to sip on in-play.

For longer day-30hr milsims...we'll carry out camping jugs of fluids (3-5 gallon containers). Roughly about 1.5x as much as we think we'll need. Helps other guys out...hedges bets on weather/ coffee/tea/drinks is a great moral booster

Better to have more fluids than needed than to run out....dehydration and heat stroke sucks ass.
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