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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
As for BDU/ACU, which ever I can get for cheapest I'll go with, since you and your buddies like the Propper I'll consider to buy if one comes up. Although both of the others I mentioned are pretty much local so can be picked up or mailed cheaply.
Just a note, I've ordered Propper from the US (wife's loadout) and the duties were super brutal. A bunch of places in the GTA have their stuff, Hero Surplus in Oshawa, or Beaver's Army Surplus in Toronto for example.

Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
As for hydration, I was pretty much just going to bring a bunch of water bottles to the field and in between games drink one, but as I've never played I don't know how long the games are, so would you advise against this? In paintball games are like 20 minutes and you're back to the staging area, however I've heard airsoft games generally go on for much longer. If bringing a bunch of water bottles to the field for in between games works, I'll just do that, but if you think it won't do, I'll get a vertical utility pouch, it can definitely fit 1 water bottle plus it will be useful for any tools I'd need or maybe some food. Or perhaps one of those water bottle carriers.
I've just done the bottle thing for now. In the spring I'm going to go with a hydration pack. It sucks to be in the middle of long game far away from the staging area and suddenly be overwhelmed with heat exhaustion.

I can't believe we're discussing this now, the way the weather is outside Planning FTW
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