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That's the "C" rating that I'm talking about. "1C" equals the amperage of the battery pack. If you have a 1000 mAh pack 2C is 2A, 1C is 1A, .5C is 500 mAh etc. If you have a 2000 mAh pack then 2C is 4A, 1C is 2A, .5C is 1A, etc.


Smart Chargers don't "need" to have fancy LCD screens or things like that there are smart "wall chargers" too.

All you need to really look out for is to make sure that your charger has a "Negative Delta V" feature. Basically it detects when the voltage drops in the battery pack (as you charge voltage of your pack will go up until it is fully charged and it will then drop to the normal nominal cell voltage) to cut off charging current, and I think after that will "trickle charge" at a nominal current (not sure on this). Basically a smart charger can be a wall charger with 2 LED's that tell you when the battery is done charging or it can be those fancy units like the Imax B6 chargers. (NOTE: DO NOT CHARGE LIPO'S WITHOUT A BALANCE PLUG/BOARD. IT WILL DAMAGE YOUR BATTERY). There are "lipo wall chargers" available as well like the eFlite ones and those are perfectly fine for charging lipos.
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