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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
And perhaps the Propper one, but I haven't quite looked into it yet because I had heard it was made of thicker material, so would be hotter.

First of all, how hot do BDU's get in general? I cannot imagine wearing pants or a coat like top in 30 degree weather during the summer. Do you just learn to deal with it or what?
I have the Propper ACU jacket + pants in Nylon ripstop, as do 3 of my teammates, some in A-TACS, others in Multicam.

The key to surviving airsoft in extreme heat is to hydrate like crazy, seek shade, take your time with tactical maneuvering, take breaks, and have everyone in the team watch everyone else for signs of heat exhaustion. This summer was a mega scorcher with obnoxious humidity. We survived it in our Propper outfits just fine, but we were careful. If you're concerned about this, one great add-on to your loadout is a Camelbak hydration bladder. Condor (and others) have Multicam packs that hold the bladders.

It's really nice to see you planning carefully for this aspect -- I've seen young first-timers out on the field in 35C weather wearing ghillie suits and suffering heat exhaustion after the first round. Heat at airsoft games can be a killer.. No joke.

With 30+ temperatures, I don't think any one particular BDU/ACU will have a huge edge over another, but the setups we have on our team did OK. Each of us were drinking many litres of liquid all day long though. Having a hydration pack will make a much bigger difference than differences in cloth, I think.
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