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And lastly, I'm looking to get Magpul Pmag20's, and since they are the short type how well do they fit in the standard M4 magazine pouch? Do they fall below the opening? Do people put something on the bottom so they sit up higher past the opening of the pouch? With Ranger plates will they be high up enough to easily access? I saw these M14 pouches in a video, My Multicam/Tan Airsoft Loadout - YouTube ,(Skip to 2:40 ish) and they seem like they would do the job well, they appear to be a good size to have a large portion of the magazine sticking past the opening of the pouch to grip onto without the need of ranger plates or magpulls. But I do not know dimensions of the M14 magazine compared to M4 short type, maybe it will be too tight vertically or the pouch will be too wide.

Also after writing all of this in sections I realize, yeah, it would have been better to put this all as one at the top, because now people who could have potentially answered my questions will not look at it again, advice taken Disco Dante :P But it was my first post in a forum, so I guess I'm entitled to a mistake or two, right? :P
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