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So too continue on with my gear related questions....

Was also wondering about BDU's, there's pretty much 2 in Multicam that I'm considering, the TRU Spec, or the Multicam Combat set found at Airsoft Depot. And perhaps the Propper one, but I haven't quite looked into it yet because I had heard it was made of thicker material, so would be hotter.

First of all, how hot do BDU's get in general? I cannot imagine wearing pants or a coat like top in 30 degree weather during the summer. Do you just learn to deal with it or what? So what I really want to know is which of the above is better for heat? From what I've read and seen through pictures, the Combat Set has a thin chest area material, but fades quicker while the TRU Spec TRU uniform holds colour better but looks to me to be hotter to wear. I could be wrong however, the very faded looking Combat Set coul djust have been washed improperly. Also price is not an issue between these two, there's an unused set of TRU Spec TRU uniform going for 120 in the classifieds and the Combat Set knock off of the Crye one is 99.99. So if anyone has any personal experience with these, or buddies that use them, any info would be soooooo helpful, as their isn't too much information on either.
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