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Wow thanks for all the help MaciekA, you wrote me a whole essay! So I've been doing a lot of research into this and it turns out that ALL Pantac USA products are licensed by Crye Precision (as to why Redwolf has 2 multicam rrv's by pantac with a $30 difference, I have no idea! Unless maybe there's Chinese made Pantac and USA Pantac that has licensed Multicam? Dunno lol) Just to check up on this, I sent WGC an email asking if their stuff has the official multicam tag, just to be sure, since it looks a lot lighter than other pantac multicam products I have seen, I'm just that paranoid there's two different Pantac styles lol! Probably is photography settings as you say.I have seen that the condor multicam looks pretty good, but I've heard Pantac is a little more durable and still looks good too. Seeing that you're in Toronto, if you ever attend any outdoor games organised by BAAR out of Barrie (not too far away for you I think), I definitely shall see you on the field next year sometime after March!
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