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Well, first and fore most.. FPS is not everything.

With .2's my AGM MP40 is shooting about ~260. Using .28's hopup tweaked, I can reach out to 100 feet easy as pie.

A good hopup setup is the first step to anything.

The hopup in stock TST/ACM/China sniper rifles is usually crap. You may get a lucky god-send one that works great, but who knows. Currently my TSD VSR-10 needs a GOOD overhaul of parts, it shoots like utter crap with .28's.
So don't expect amazing range bone stock out of any cheap sniper rifle.

Get Age Verified if you can, that will give you access to the Classifieds, site supporting retailers and some more information.
From there, you will have a lot more options as to what you want to choose from.

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