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Note also that while there appear to be "variants" of Multicam out there, there is really ultimately just legit stuff and non legit stuff. Beyond that, you have two other things:

1) huge differences in photography settings
2) the "part of the pattern" that you're looking at.

My multicam duct tape is all a single pattern across the entire length of tape, but a few feet will be the "green part" of multicam, then another part will be the "browner part", then the tan parts, etc. Just be aware that the actual pattern is pretty complex and massive, and sometimes you'll want to even consider hand-selecting the individual item within a batch simply because of which cut of the larger piece of fabric it got. Sometimes I'll cut a 2 foot patch of MC duct tape with absolutely no white/vanilla blotches on it at all. This can account for some of the confusion.
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