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Originally Posted by Niloc View Post
So I'll be starting Airsoft in March when I turn 18 and can get age verified and want to get as much gear as possible for Christmas, so then I can ask for the batteries, bb's, goggles etc for my birthday and then use my own money for whatever else I need that I didn't get, like my gun or more pouches, etc. So anyways after looking at gear for the last month or so I've decided I want the Pantac Rrv in Multicam I saw on Redwolf, but there appears to be 2 styles of multicam, , this one is cheaper and from the picture looks different than this one, which is 30 bucks more. Is this just lighting issues, or is it actually lighter/more tan in it? Will that mean I have to get the right variant of each pouch or it will not match, for example these two medic pouches are both multicam, but different. There's a guy in the classifieds selling some never used mc Pantac pouches and then I don't want to get those and find out they are the wrong variant, or have to go searching to find the right variant. Plus, Airsoft GI has magazine pouches that redwolf do not have in multicam, so then if there are actually 2 variants I'm worried then that the ones at GI will not match.
So if anyone could clear this up for me it would be awesome, and then I can continue with Part 2/3 of my gear related questions, I got a lot of them!
The key to happiness with Multicam is to buy stuff that is 100% licensed multicam. As long as it is licensed and legit, you'll be fine. There ARE differences between licensed stuff but they are a minor compared to the differences between knockoff stuff vs. the licensed stuff.

I have several Multicam products in my loadout:

1) Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier (MOPC-008, Multicam)
2) Condor radio pouch (Multicam).
3) ESKI mag drop pouch (Multicam)
4) Propper ACU jacket, Propper ACU pants, and Propper hat (all Multicam)
5) name patch (Multicam)
6) Multicam duct tape

(My M4 pouches are in OD for the moment, will swap with MC in a few months or so)

All the Multicam products in this list look like they match really really well. The matching between the Condor stuff and the 1800nametapes name patch is just stunning, I wouldn't be surprised if they use the same supplier for their materials and/or colors. It's possible you might see some minor differences if you train yourself to see them, but they're very very close.

Where you will get into big trouble is ACM / no-name knockoff Multicam stuff. The knockoff stuff is really inexpensive but the patterns are often very wrong. Usually the subtle gradients are missing and the colors are too pink, too brown, way too bright or even bizarre orange tints, etc. Licensed multicam is subtle, soft, and almost multi-dimensional. Do not mix fake Multicam with real Multicam if you can help it.

Make sure to buy all "like kind" products from the same vendor. For example, if you're buying pouches, go all Condor, or all Pantac, etc. Don't mix and match pouches from different vendors if you can help it. Same goes for pants and jacket. Match the brand on clothing items.

By the way, I strongly recommend the vest/plate carrier I'm using. My Condor gear has held up extremely well to abuse, and the color matching between it and my Propper Multicam gear is fantastic.

Out of one of the many reviews that I read of this and other stuff I've bought, The Nutnfancy Project review was among the best:

Condor Modular Plate Carrier: "All Day Armor" by Nutnfancy - YouTube

If you want to be up to your eyeballs in almost 40 minutes of Multicam gear and fabric review, the above video link is the way to go Nutnfancy also reviews some other related stuff available in Multicam, I highly recommend his videos.

Hope to see you on the field next year!
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