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You can get much bang for the buck. Judging by the way you phrased the post, I'm guessing you're not exactly sure what type of gun you should get and are just basing what you are going to get on price. If this is the case, I recommend reading this thread as I found it to be particularly helpful when I was deciding on what gun to buy.

Let's also discuss the money involved with buying this gun.For what you will eventually end up paying for the VA36, $230 * 1.13 =$259.90 , add in about $70 for shipping and it'll bring you to $330, throw in $20 for the ammo and you'll be spending $350. You'll also want to invest in a decent smart charger, let's say you get the Imax B6 from Hobby King for $35 with shipping included; that brings you to a total of $365 invested. Now we factor in how you'll eventually want to get a full black receiver (I don't know the price but let's estimate it to be a low $50) which means you're going up to $415 then slap on maybe $100 more for eventual upgrades/repairs for broken parts. That takes you to an approxiamate total of $515 eventually spent on your gun.

I highly recommend that you get AV'ed if possible and then get a hold of the CA G36C rather than the VA36 gun because even though you will be spending a bit more on the gun initially, you'll be getting a gun with quality externals and decent internals, effectively bypassing the need to buy a new reciever and replace many internal parts. If you don't want to go that high, I'd at least recommend a KA M4 as they run for around $350 and have full metal externals and decent internals.

If you're not 18 yet, I HIGHLY suggest that you save up till you're somewhat close to 18 because even if you save up $1 a day, 365 x $1 =$365 which is enough for a KA M4 and a bit more. Read around the site, think about what you want to buy, maybe ask some mature and well thought out questions on things that you're unsure about, and maybe one day you'll be able to go be a cameraman or checkout a game even if you're not 18 yet.
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