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My first gun was a two year old CA G36E, And I loved it. Bone stock, it shot straight and far, and with a 9.6, it was a laser beam. It wasn't until I'd had it as my only weapon for two years that it finally showed any wear. I didn't know how to clean it back then, so it went for two years of heavy gaming by me, with no maintenance whatsoever. It's been dropped, stepped on, fallen on, and even now, it still works great. My selector is a little finicky, but that's it. I can highly recommend this to you, I personally love it, and even though I've got other weapons now, It's still my 'Old Reliable' and it's there when I need it most.
Primary: KWA LM4 PTR, Classic Army LWRC M6 A2, Classic Army G36E, AGM/Javelin MP44.

Secondary: KWA Mk. 4 1911, KWA Mac 11, Skeleton Sidearms 8" .357 revolver.
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