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Originally Posted by z0ng View Post
Regarding the guns you were looking at. How many airsoft guns have you handled? If you haven't had a chance to check many out in person or try firing them see if you can go to the next game in your area. Then you'd at least have the opportunity to try out some of the various guns out there. Regarding your comment on single-stack 1911's, you might want to check out the TM Hi-Cap 5.1 (or 4.3, but the 5.1 is arguably better), it's modeled after a double stack pistol so the grip is larger. They're very reliable and have lots of after market parts available for them.
I like the TM Hi-Cap in the Commander size... That's nice!
Believe it or not I haven't touched an Airsoft gun yet. Most of my experience has been with real steel. I'm in touch with someone local who plays at a private field so I'm sure I will experience a few guns soon. That being said I still have my hard earned cash burning a hole in my pocket.
The 1911 style of pistol I find I have to pull the trigger with the middle knuckle of my finger where I like the trigger further out and use the ball of my finger or the first knuckle. (I don't know if I'm explaining this right but I hope you understand)
I like that CPGear hydration unit too.
Again all great suggestions guys thank you.
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