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Originally Posted by ramdipam View Post
For a SCAR, i am tempted for VFC.

For a G36 Serie, i am tempted for CA.

I'm not a fan of Tokyo Marui, due to the external. Also, note that i will prefer a full metal rifle (except for the G36). I both like these 2 models so much, so i can't take a decision. For sure i'll get the two, but i don't know which one first. I'm gonna read much review and wait for next opinion. I will take notes and maybe take a decision someday ahah. But thanks all for your help ! Anything else to add to this post is welcome, i think i still need advices from experimented airsofter !
What the above said, your best bet at this point might be to go to a game and hold the guns, try them out, see what fits you better.

I have several of the types in question -a G36 (full size; CA), a G36c (KWA), an M4 (CA), and a WE SCAR. Speaking strictly from a comfort standpoint (performance/reliability/quality notwithstanding -just how easy it is to shoulder, carry, and move around the field), I'd rate them in this order:

1: G36 (full size)
2: G36c
4: M4

The above is 100% my own opinion, based on my own tall height and scrawny frame, and will be different for everyone. The full size G36 is more awkward than the smaller guns but not being metal it doesn't weigh much and I like having the longer front end to rest on things. The G36c feels bigger than the M4 when shouldered. It really isn't, but it feels that way. I personally like the way the SCAR falls to the shoulder more than the M4.

The G36 and M4 are bother really solid choices. You honestly can't go wrong with either. Lots of available parts and aftermarket support.

Another way to help decide is to think about what kind of role you want to play and what kind of kit you want to have. G36 magazines are awkward -they're large and the tabs catch on things. Require a double-STANAG mag pouch for one G36 mag. M4 mags are also a lot cheaper and easier to come by.

If you plan on playing a DMR, counter-sniper, or longer ranged primarily outdoor role a full size G36 is the better option. However if you like being up close and moving around quickly in confined spaces you WILL find the G36 awkward and the carbine is a better choice. The G36c is similar to the M4 in this regard, but has the aforementioned bitch mags.

Someone will likely bring up the G36 magwell conversions to take M4 mags... they are really hit-and-miss, and unless you have a gun that takes STANAG mags kindof a waist of money IMO in case the mags don't feed.

In conclusion, go to a game and check out some kit. It will make your decision easier. 99% of the airsofters I know would have no issue whatsoever helping you find the right gun if you asked to examine their equipment.

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