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i'm amazed noone has said this yet. DONT BUY A GUN YET!!! goto a game and ask permission to hold evey gun at the game, you will find one that feels awesome in your hands and will do what you want it to do. who knows you might goto your first game and find out you absolutly love how the m14 feels in your hands. thats how i decided to get a ca g36 as my first gun. i went to my first game held everyones gun and found that the g36 felt the best.

don't turn this into a ptw vs aeg thread, each has there pros and cons. and rain on your ptw is like rain on your cellphone, if you know what your doing you wont wreck either one. there are 14+ ptws on the team i play with and over this season we had 2 motors that were 3 years old go down on us and that was all.

as for AEGs each brand has there pros and cons. everyone will give you there opinion and its just that. my opinion is this stick to TM and there clones. why? because there are millions of parts for them. they are interchangible ect ect. as for m4/m16 vs g36 i think that the g36 is easier to work on but has fewer parts then the m4/m16. HOWEVER, there are still millions of parts for both.
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