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Originally Posted by CJay View Post
G36 are good but only if u get a decent brand. The src gen 4 guns are ok but still clearsoft. I'd shoot for a Tokyo marui in te g36 line.
I have to disagree. A TM is definitely reliable, but externally a CA is FAR above the quality of the TM body. Fiber reinforced nylon > ABS plastic.

No difference in modification internally between m4/16 an g36.
V3 mechbox (G36) is similar but not identical to a V2 mechbox, and requires different parts. The G36 in particular, depending on the brand, requires certain unique parts (cylinder head for example). So yes, there is a difference.

Stay away from any guns branded by echo1, jg, or kwa.
I'd honestly take either of those over a TM G36. I've examined an Echo 1/JG G36 and the body is on par with TM. Internally it won't be quite as reliable but it's also 1/3 the price. For another $50 and a shim job it will shoot better than a TM. I own a KWA G36 and aside from a $15 cylinder head, it is by FAR the best shooting stock AEG I've ever owned. I threw a T/N barrel in mine for good measure and it out shoots my SL9.

Only downside to my KWA is the smoked body.. and the selector sticks a bit.

Most external accessories are made for TM, so you may have fitments issues with some.. but nothing some creative gunsmithing can't overcome. It's even worse with M4s.

Absolutely stay away from ptw/ctw style guns. Biggest waste of time and money on the planet unless u buy one completely premodified. Wen then u better have a second gun to back it up when it breaks and believe me it will break...alot...and cost 10 times as much to fix...and piss off the repair guy.
I have to agree here. I've seen more PTW's break down at games than any other brand. Especially when it rains.

Some guys love them and swear by them, and externally they can't be beat. Feel like the real deal in every way. I've just seen enough of them go down to never rely on one as my only gun.

If u can find a Tokyo marui then buy it no questions asked provided its in good condition.
Again, depends on price. If I had a choice between TM and CA/VFC, I'd take the CA/VFC any day. Unless it was an M14.

Airsoft is unfortunately one of those games where u get what u pay for. U shud be spending about 500-600 bucks on a decent gun or ull be a bit disappointed. Even then ull be paying about 800-1000 for a full setup including good batteries magazines and gun.
Used to be true. You can get a good gun now for less than that. Though I still think $1,000 is a good start for a capable kit.

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