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Vfc is a bad idea. Yeah they are pretty but internal wise they seem to have a few really irritating proprietary parts. G36 are good but only if u get a decent brand. The src gen 4 guns are ok but still clearsoft. I'd shoot for a Tokyo marui in te g36 line. In terms of overall modification ability external and internal, a tm compatible m4 is still top of the pile. No difference in modification internally between m4/16 an g36. There are however more readily availlable parts for m4 though but not by much. External mods are far more readily availlable for m4 style guns whereas g36 have very few in comparison.

Stay away from any guns branded by echo1, jg, or kwa. Waste of time and money. Also avoid the classic army sportline version.

The newer g&g line (MAX) guns are fantastic but even then u shud downgrade the spring as soon as u get em. Ares are surprisingly good these days again provided u downgrade te spring. Ics are great guns but there are a couple of proprietary parts that can be a bitch to find.

Vfc are ok but I'm personally not a fan after having worked on a few of em. The scar is a terribly engineered beast and the m16/m4s are different internally than most other brands and therefore rather less modifiable than alot of other brands.

Absolutely stay away from ptw/ctw style guns. Biggest waste of time and money on the planet unless u buy one completely premodified. Wen then u better have a second gun to back it up when it breaks and believe me it will break...alot...and cost 10 times as much to fix...and piss off the repair guy.

If u can find a Tokyo marui then buy it no questions asked provided its in good condition.

Airsoft is unfortunately one of those games where u get what u pay for. U shud be spending about 500-600 bucks on a decent gun or ull be a bit disappointed. Even then ull be paying about 800-1000 for a full setup including good batteries magazines and gun.

There's a good reason airsofters are continually broke lol!!!!!
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