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I'm not planning to play in a public game. I already got some contact to join semi-private and private game, heavy simulation, etc. I got contact for training too

I already played paintball, and tactical paintball so i got some base. I know its not exactly the same but its a bit like. I'm not a total noob in this domain.

For a gun, i don't want to buy new now, because in my point it's a little bit expensive for quality gun. If it break, learning how to fix and repair a gun is something possible :P eheh

Well, i know some of you might be veteran and may look at my point and say '' pfff another noob trying to be a pro like now ''. Well, its not this. I just learned some since a long time. It's been 3 or 4 years since i started looking, reading, watching and learning about airsoft on youtube, on forums (france forums, american forums, canadian forums, european forums). I'm quite a passionned of airsoft and i learn really fast. Getting good in that sport will not be a problem. I want to spend money, getting good stuff and equipment.

But, veterans like you are my main source of better learning, and i just can't wait to talk face-to-face with some of you, sharing this passion.
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