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Real Sword Type 56... nuff said

If you want a G36 get a TM. And if you absolutely must have an M4 just like everyone else.. King Arms or KWA are among the best. And did you say Scar?... EWWWW (VFC)

IMO the G36 is a better choice than an M4 because it has a better mechbox (ver.3) and a better hop-up design. G36's are popular enough that there

are plenty of upgrades, both internal and external that are available out there.

Don't buy used if you don't know how to fix guns. There are good deals out there yes but used is just that... used, you never know. The last thing you want is to

end up with a $500 wall hanger that breaks on you during your first game. Buy new till you're comfortable with fixing mechboxes.

Spend everything you can now on good quality essentials. A good gun, battery/charger, full seal eye and face protection. And you'll never regret it.

Don't spend much on kit or clothes just yet. You can put together a contractor's loadout for really cheap. A pair of cargos a regular button-up shirt

and a 25$ chest rig. You never know where you're going to end up playing or what team you may want to join, you could be forced to buy a whole

new loadout down the road. Get out and play a bit first before you spend on kit.

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