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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I taped some of my G36 mags together :/
My mags are taped together too...good thing I only have two!

Originally Posted by Scouser View Post
look at a regular stanag mag and a g36 mag online

if you look at the top of the mag the feed tubes are in different places, thats what i was referring to

as for high caps, they still have a spring it just works slightly different, the bb resevior gravity feeds into a loader that pushes the bbs into a feed tube. as long as the spring is wound those bbs get fed upwards, when the spring runs out of tension, no more bbs get fed.
Could you please tell me which brands have a weak spring issue? That way I can rule out which mags to buy.
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"Don't get mad. Get even."

"Airsoft silencers don't do anything...."
Originally Posted by TheRussianFunk View Post
The Marui NBB Mk23 would like to have a quiet, quiet word with you.
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