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Here's the grown up short form

Both guns you listed are fine. As you can probably appreciate...airsoft is like a fantasy shopping mall for guns/gear/everything tactical-ish.

Buy "midcap" mags...approx 120-ish BB capacity per mag. They're the most versatile for the various types of games out there. Most games are "bring as many as you want" others are ammo limited. Get 10-12 mags....that'll hedge your bets against losing one or two in the bush.

0.20g BBs for indoors...0.28-0.30's for outdoors. Don't sweat the FPS level as long as you're under the game maximum limit.

Re. gear. I'm a retard when it comes to gear...but all that you listed works as long as you give some thought to where you're using it.

Proper eye protection is a MUST. Face/teeth protection too.

Have fun!
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