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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Hi, I have the JG G36 and have tried the Battleaxe adapter. It kinda works, but it is a bit iffy. I would actually specifically recommend against using the green box PMAGs, those are the ones that gave me the most trouble.

I tried it with a G&G hicap and it seemed to have less trouble, which suggests that perhaps it likes a slightly longer feeding tube and less of the "must be held pushed forward" bias that the greenbox PMAGs have.

I haven't done a comprehensive test... Maybe you could convince me to do it
Do a comprehensive test if you already have the items to do so...I wouldn't want you to waste money on something that ends up not

I think that I will probably borrow a friend's G&G Hi-cap (what a coincidence!) and get myself a Battleaxe adapter and try it out... hopefully it works :banghead:

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I got so tired of spending money trying to find a combination that works perfectly that I gave up (I don't have any gun that takes STANAG mags)

My G36/SL9 is my primary, and while intermittent missfeeds are more acceptable for a secondary or "fun" gun I was getting annoyed at the issues with my main boomstick.

If you can get it to work that's great, just don't expect much. 80% of the people I know who tried a magwell ended up abandoning it because they couldn't get it to feed properly.
I've read that a lot of people can't get it to work and have given up...but I'm hoping this works because then me and my friend can share mags!

Originally Posted by TALIBANMILAN View Post
NEA makes the real G36 - to - AR magwell conversion:

Check this out for the airsoft related review:
This was interesting to read and helped me with my problem. Thanks!

Another reason that I want to use M4 mags is because I can store more of those than I can with G36 mags...also, it'd be easier to find someone with a M4/M16 mag than a G36 mag...
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