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Review - GWS XM8 56k warning, big pics

Hey all

Just received my new XM8 AEG the other day, thought i'd write a quick review about it for anyone that is interested. First off i'd like to mention I picked up the OD model, as well as I bought it already put together so I don't know how easy or difficult the kit is to install. So i'll really just be quickly reviewing how it looks, feels, etc.

Looks: The finish is actually pretty decent, after some reviews i've read I heard it doens't look to nice. The XM8 design is sorta "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" style I think. Some people like, some people think it looks too sci-fi. On each side there is a big XM8 logo. On the left side it says "warning: refer to owners manual before use". On the right side it says "Cal 5.56mmx4.5 HK Defense, Sterling VA".

Feel: Well this is where some of the reviews are right. It does feel a bit plasticky, but not as bad as the cheap springer crap from Cyma or any other crap manufacturer. However the foregrip is rubber like texture, and is very comfortable to grip. The pistol grip is just plain straight grip, i'm sure a hogue grip would fit on there.

Craftsmanship, Durability: Well this is where this kit falls a bit. The scope is a dummy scope, with a crosshair painted on. I have heard that an optic from a G&P G36 carry handle will work, i'm trying to get my hands on one to try that out. Apparently GWS (the company that makes the kit) can install the optic, but for 150 USD, plus you have to ship it to them. Another problem I found, but not a big problem, is the front body pin is very loose and slides out a bit. I've wrapped a bit of electrical tape around it and it seems to stick just fine. As for stability, it doesn't feel like the sturdiest AEG but I think it'll survive if I baby it on the field and don't smash it on crap. I'm not sure what type of plastic is used but I don't think it's the high impact ABS that TM uses. There are two spots on the gun to attach a sling, but I don't know how sturdy they are so I don't want to risk putting stress on them. I'm gonna look at designing some sort of ghetto sling.

Here are some pics of this baby nicely laying on my teddy bear blankie...

More pictures here:
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