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Hate so sound rude here but buck up.

You're saying your willing to jump threw hoops to get AV'd. Then right after you start making excuses as to why you wont make the long drive. Yes I get it, the roads suck, the distance is terrible.

Personally I wouldn't even meet you half way due to my own experiences with people screwing me over after a 700k drive then showing up with a face ID or bailing completely.

That being said the system is non negotiable. I highly doubt the staff will accept video of ID any time soon for many reasons. I see it very simple. If your not willing to come out to get AV at a distance like that then your probably never going to make it out to large games that require travel. Very few of the people that are not willing to do some have lasted more then a year that Ive seen.

So basically, deal with the issue like a man and make the drive or continue to plan on what you called private lands outside of city limits and limit yourself.

Your call.
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