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Guys, no offense, but please make your own topics about AV, I want this thread to stay on topic.

Originally Posted by Janus View Post
No, this is basically bullshit. I refuse to believe that the only option is "up shit creek."

Sadly, I won't be going home this year for Christmas (I'm from Sault Ste. Marie) so I won't be able to do it, but there HAS to be someone in that region that is trustworthy enough to get as a verifier.

Thunder Bay is NOT an option. That drive is 600km+ away from Goulais. I wouldn't ask anyone to do it.

I'm sure something can be worked out with a player local to SSM.

Like I said, I'll jump through hoops- I'd love to contact the head of ASC if possible. Who could I contact for this? Like I said, we've got a fairly large community of mature players in the 18-30 range and none of us are age verified- due to the fact that there isn't anybody local.

Well, Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay is shitty- the roads are narrow and the highway is 2 lane and slow. 80 and under, usually. You travel through a lot of small towns and it's also snowing rather heavily at this point. It takes just about as long to get to Thunder Bay as it does Ottawa (9-13 hours, depending on traffic, weather, stops and such), so I think it's sort of out of the question.

This is the main reason why none of the people in our locale use this site. Doing a quick check on our private facebook group, I notice 73 players. Of those, probably 20-30 are active and attend at least 1 game a month. We play bi-monthly.

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