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I believe there was someone in northbay... which is slightly closer.
-North Bay-

Paul (Lotech)
North Bay Area
Can be contacted at:
email: burkep @ cogeco .ca (remove spaces)

-Northern Ontario-

John (pilotguy)
Will verify Northern Ontario (mainly Sioux Lookout, Dryden, Vermillion Bay. Can also get to Thunder Bay, Kenora and portions of Southern Manitoba as I travel a great deal between provinces.)
Can be contacted at:
ASC Private Message OR Email: jwyndels(at)theoutfit(dot)ca

Originally Posted by Trevatd View Post
Thunder bay is quite the distance away. On a good day, that's something like a 9 hour trip, on a bad, as high as 13. It isn't like in southern ontario where a 2 hour~ is drive is considered far- or where the major issue is traffic. This is a 700~ km trip around lake superior I'd have to take.

I'll jump through hoops to get AVed, if possible. I'd love to have someone get back to me with something a little better than that.

People who aren't Av-ed get disrespected on these forums and treated like a leper. We're not allowed to buy or sell. It is obnoxious that I cannot get some kind of workaround.

And thanks, Zeon, for actually reading my post. RITZ, it is my understanding that the franchise sold his guns about... 3-4 years ago, and I believe he moved away. Perhaps next time you can actually read my introduction post.

I also love how everybody jumped to help the other guy- when I clearly stated my problem and nobody responded to me for days.


I've done due dilligance on this topic. I also messaged "Redneck" who states that he travels to the Sault Area. Another negative. The last post states that he doesn't AV anymore and his profile says that he hasn't airsofted "In years"
I go by what lists are available. The mods are usually pretty good about removing old stats in important thread so i'm surprised the franchise is still there if your information is correct.

Also threads get buried and forgotten quite quickly, unless somebody is looking specifically for something some threads can go unanswered for weeks and months at a time. the reason why we all jumped to help the other guy out is he is the most recent poster.
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