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Alright, I made a topic about this previously, but I figure I'll give it another try.

I airsoft occasionally with a group of people in the Sault Ste Marie area. The group I play with has 20+ members (I'm not sure, exactly, I've never counted) and we play regularly on private property owned by one of our members outside of the city limits. Beyond selling guns to one another and buying from overpriced retailers (such as Buyairsoft) we're not able to access the huge advantage which is ASC's private forums.

I joined this site years ago, and beyond being underage myself at the time(2004), but the issue stands. There is not anybody within a reasonable distance for myself (or anybody from our community) to visit to verify us of being of age.

I do not believe that anybody in our community has yet been verified. I would like a moderators opinion or comment on this.

(And before anybody looks up the Age Verifier information and says "TheFranchise"- he has not airsofted in at least 4 years, and its my understanding that he doesn't even live in this city any longer.)

((Also, who should I PM if I want to change my account-name?))

-Sault Ste. Marie-

Brian (TheFranchise)

as for name changes.... you can't you are stuck with it
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