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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Last I checked we use KM's not miles, and the reasons relate to quality of video, and crappy feed can distort the picture and it can be very hard to get a accurate picture of either your ID and your face to confirm your age.
Though we're less archaic than our southern neighbor, consider this...

I usually express my physical measurements in imperial (6'5", 240 pounds, 38 waist, size 14 shoes etc).

I use both systems for cooking measurements, with a particular emphasis on gallons since I super sized a couple of recipes recently.

At a bar I usually order either a pint or a dram.

I also began to submit travel expenses in furlongs for shits and giggles.

Imperial, although inferior to metric, will stick around forever for some measures because they are sometimes more intuitive or deeply rooted in tradition.

Back to the main subject, you need to meet in person with someone, state your region so we may help you find the closest rep.
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