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New to the AirsoftCanada/ Found new good airsoft product site.

hello, I am new to this forum. I am more into real firearms than airsoft but damn some of them airsoft looks soo real that I wanna get them same accessories.
I know that some are interchangable but not all and it only applies to external parts.

I just made an order from a website called
HTML Code:
. They used to be until their paypal account got banned due product logos. Well let me tell you from my first experience. I was skeptical since I did not find anyone reviewing or commenting on it.

Bare in mind that this is their new website and they are still updating and adding content. Their payment system has no issue with paypal anymore.(still use paypal as payment)

To talk to them you have call their customer service with skype (waridiot) is the
name they have to talk. To see their online status without skype just go to their old website (I know they did not add that on their new site yet)

Right now they got a promotion going on, buy any 4 items and receive a AEG Pmag (BLK) on every order. Some sales going on as well, take it before it ends.

Shipping is free for Regular. $35 for expediate and there is UPS but I hate that so I am not gonna say. Shipping is with HongKong Post --> Canada Post.

I ordered my products and within 2 days like they say, it is shipped.
I can't wait till I get my items next week.

So Far I give it a 4 out of 5 Star

Good Product Selection
Good Customer Service
Great on Processing Order.

Not a big selection on accessories that I need

And I cannot say about product quality until I received it by next week. But I was assured they are good for what I have intend for my use. The product selection will probably grow and other promotions so just bear with what items they have available until they get more in other sections like "Combat Gear". Alot of AEG parts more than GBB. What ever rocks your boat. I only ordered accessory parts for my real AR15.

That's my intro and review on the run.. Hope I don't get flamed.. keep it in Calgary :P
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