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Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
if you like a real steel gun, then you like a real steel gun.
If you like a FAKE gun, then it's not okay lol
Personally I love the look of the G36K with the C rail on it, I just hate the mags and I hate the look of M4 mags in a G36. Just can't win with that one.
Or you could just use pmags in a magwell adaptor, magpul started making real steel pmags for the g36 anyways.

Right now ive got the old dual optic carry handle on my g36c, i love it.

I can sorta see how the kid thoguht the g36 was an acr since the front end looks similar with the way the front guard goes around the gas block, but still....both guns are in the game, you would figure he could have been able to tell the difference.
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