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What other gun has a gap between the rail and the upper receiver?

I can't think of ANY....

Edit: I just read the rest of the thread after previously skimming it.
I suddenly regret choosing a G36C for airsoft because I will be called a CODtard....I just hope people won't mock me by saying "hey, what perks you using? What attachments you got?"
The HK416 and G36C/K were my favorite guns to begin with.....

On a side note, some guns are so common that even if it was in COD people wouldnt mind because it was so common......and I learn the same lesson of life once again. If it's generally accepted, then it's fine. And I find that gay.
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"Don't get mad. Get even."

"Airsoft silencers don't do anything...."
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The Marui NBB Mk23 would like to have a quiet, quiet word with you.

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