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I remember hearing somewhere that ICS MP5s will only take ICS mags, but don't take my word on it. You have three options, you can sand the magwell, the magazine, or sell the mags and get different ones. For my TM MP5K, I tried loading in a CYMA mag I had and it wouldn't fit because there were two bumps on the back of the mag that needed to be sanded down, but since you have metal mags, it translates into you need to sand your magwell anyways. Try to put your mags into your magwell and check whether it's the width of your mags that's causing the problem, length of the mag that's causing the problem, or if it's something sticking out of the mag that's causing the problem. You'll need to either sand that part down on the mag or sand your magwell; if you do sand the magwell, I'd recommend that you sand the face that's preventing the mag from being loaded a bit, then load in the mag and see if it fits. Repeat this step till your mags can be loaded, but IMO it may just be better to get different mags that you know will fit because you are sanding the receiver of the MP5 and that may harm the resale value or something else on your gun.
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