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Originally Posted by terrorist one View Post
I would like to tell every one my short encounter with gearbox monkey423 or Erik from Campbell River.

This kid contacted me when i asked on the forum if there was any airsoft in the Vancouver island region. Once i was posted to Comox i started going to the games in Duncan. The people down there where really nice folks and had been contacted by this kid, Erik. That he was 17 and wanted to play airsoft. They did not mind the age difference due to the fact that they have a ''you fuck up, your out'' policy. So i got in contact with him so that i could give him a ride at the games.

After our first car pool, it was clear that this kid did not have all his ducks in a row. All he could talk about was how the military is great, asking me stupid questions about if i had a gun working airtraffic control or if i was issued grenades. Also he told me he wanted to die in a war. Also since he was a army cadet, he told me he did not understand civi life, and that all he knows is being in the military(funny that he never has been in it). At that point i though i could help him with his mental boner over the military and scare some sence into him in hopes of making him less of a GI JOE wanna be so that if he would eventually join he would be smart about it.

The second time around we carpooled he admitted to me that he was 15. So he lied about being 17 to the others. At that point i told him that this would be the last time i would give him a ride. He almost cried in the car giving me again the same story on how he needed airsoft, that he did not know how to adapt into civi life and that he would go crazy and do something stupid. After that long and crazy ride, i never talked to him again. I had been thinking of talking directly to his parents about what he had said to me, but never got around to it. I cant save the world.

If i may be so bold to recommended something(please tell me if i cant). I would simple ban him from the forum for a period of life. He clearly has serious issues and he has told me that he would do something crazy and stupid. I believe giving access to anything air soft with this kid that is really 15, on fuels the possibility of him doing something stupid, dangerous and illegal. He has told me that he dresses up in military uniform and runs around in his community at night with his airsoft trying not to be detected by what ever is out there to get him. For me he is a fucking liability and he needs to stop watching hamburger hill or any war movies. Be ban for life from anything weapon like, and get a shock treatment of Barnie and friends.

Just though that i should tell someone about my encounter with this kid.

Wait, you live in Mtl and you gave him a ride in BC?
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