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Originally Posted by kennysteez View Post
i love how some ppl automatically assume that i like it because of mw3 i don't even own that game i didn't even know it was in the game i came across it on stumble-upon a lot of guys need to stop hating in this forum
First let me congratulate you on writing that entire thing without the use of a . or ,.

Now, humour 99.9% of us who've seen many a kidiot come on here because they saw "x" gun on "x" game and decided they must have it. The SCAR, ACR/Masada & 416 all come to mind.

So we end up with posts to the effect of "Hai guis! OMGZ I lurvz the "x gun here" its the most boss gun ever@!!!!! how can i get one and who makes them???!!?"

That on its own is enough to make most people punch small animals and the homeless.

Now couple that with the rampant and proud display of "most" people and their lack of ability in effectively operating Google.

The end result is what you have here. The so-called "hating".

99.9% of these questions could and can be answered if a person uses Google that would directly correlate to a significant lack of "hating" as you've so eloquently put it.

The general rule of thumb. If you can't find info on it. It quite possibly, most likely, doesn't exist.
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