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Originally Posted by gearbox monkey423 View Post
hey guys, srry for the trollin.
Good job attracting attention to yourself, Eric.

Originally Posted by terrorist one View Post
I had been thinking of talking directly to his parents about what he had said to me, but never got around to it. I cant save the world.

If i may be so bold to recommended something(please tell me if i cant). I would simple ban him from the forum for a period of life. He clearly has serious issues and he has told me that he would do something crazy and stupid. I believe giving access to anything air soft with this kid that is really 15, on fuels the possibility of him doing something stupid, dangerous and illegal. He has told me that he dresses up in military uniform and runs around in his community at night with his airsoft trying not to be detected by what ever is out there to get him. For me he is a fucking liability and he needs to stop watching hamburger hill or any war movies. Be ban for life from anything weapon like, and get a shock treatment of Barnie and friends.
Or maybe talk to someone in his cadet corps (2483 PPCLI RCACC).
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