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I was a soft doubter of A-TACS until I saw (or rather, didn't see) it this weekend in fall weather in a dried up tall grass / tan / light brown / gravel environment. There is something to the multi-level fractal pattern that they're using that is really working hard to fool the eye/brain... and frankly, it works. My team member who uses a full A-TACS loadout had a lot of success provided he chose the right place to situate himself. A-TACS obviously was made for arid regions though, so FG will have to fill the gap.

I seriously doubt these guys care much if their camo designs show up in Call of Duty or a Transformers movie. The big bucks are in military and police force sales, and these days the name of the game appears to be carefully tuned fractal patterns and various ways to mess with perception. Photos don't really do these camos justice.

Multicam, my personal favourite at the moment, is the same way. It looks kinda cheesy on a computer screen, but in person it can do interesting things. Multiple gradients, lots of multi-scale patterns to fool the eye at various distances.. It's all a similar strategy. For a similar idea take a look at Pencott camo.

I look forward to seeing FG on the field even if there are a bunch of people all guffawing and chortling at it.. And then promptly having to call "HIT" when they don't see the folks who invest in this stuff. I have a feeling it will do exceptionally well in the spring and summer.
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