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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
of course it is

its sooo kool
heheh, the only thing cool about it in my opinion was that they used the reload animation popularized by the Magpul guys. Even then, it wasn't the gun that made me go "wow" XD

Originally Posted by Kuji View Post
That shouldn't be too hard to make. You can just find the parts you need online. Or try looking at M4's that look like this.

Virtually all you would need is an M4, particularly CQB cause of short barrel, a RIS, and a crane stock, then you can spray paint it tan or whatever
Then you would have just another M4 CQB or SOPMOD variant - not a CM901. The 7.62 CM901 upper only comes in 13 or 16 inch variants - so you wouldn't be using a CQB barrel anyway. What you need is a CM901 receiver, probably the 7.62 variant by the looks of it - which simply does not exist yet in the airsoft market. It also has a proprietary monolithic rail and upper receiver (though the CM901 lower receiver accepts existing AR uppers). And it has a VLTOR Clubfoot Modstock, not a crane stock. To sum it up, unless you can custom machine CM901 parts, or an overseas manufacturer makes a replica, you wouldn't really be able to make an airsoft CM901.

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