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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
Ok, two quick bits of info.

First, there is legislation in Ontario against the acquisition of airguns by minors:

Second, the bylaw in your city prohibiting the use of airguns within your city limits:

You might have a permissive relation with your neighbors but a call from anyone passing by is going to land you in trouble.

You're looking at a fine and probable confiscation, and you expose yourself to a world of hurt under various federal firearm acts.
Right I understand. My rents made the purchase, and I payed them the total cost. It worked out pretty nice actually. Second, everybody on my street knows me and that I have airsoft guns, but it is impossible to see into my backyard.
But I understand the concern. If somebody did end up caring enough to call the PO-lice, I'm pretty sure the cops gonna think its a real gun. So how can I enjoy airsoft on my property?

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