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I hope you live on a farm.... you know it's usually illegal (bylaw violation) for people to discharge "air guns" (umbrella term covering paintball, pellet rifles, etc.) within city limits except in prescribed areas zoned for such use. That said don't worry about it if your neighbours are cool since you need someone to actually call up bylaw enforcement (ie. those people who have nothing better to do than ruin your fun like that lady who called me out on using power tools after 4 in the afternoon....) and usually bylaw enforcement focuses on the downtown core.

As for the painting, it "should" be legal but there's no law saying that you're allowed or not allowed to once it's in Canada and in your hands.

As for BB's I've found Matrix BB's to be pretty good (I'm 99% sure they're Airsoft Elite rebrands). Obviously not as good as say BBBastard, or Madbull but they're good. Other pretty good companies I've had experience with include Excel, Airsoft Elite, and Metal Tech (now discontinued but I know they used to rebrand Airsoft Elites).
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