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Originally Posted by HKGhost View Post
Welcome Kuji, you have no idea how refreshing it is to have a newcomer that doesn't whine and bitch after asking a question. There were several bans due to noobs asking a question, didn't like the answer and went on a forum rant. Like mentioned before, keep an open mind and absorb all the information given. Keep your pistols and give them a coat of black paint. Save up from now until your 18th birthday, and pick up a nice AEG from the classified for your present.
Oh I think I do. I've seen what happens when someone goes too far. But to all do not worry I will not be one of those people, I will respect the community, and when I'm 18, I'll see y'all out at the fields!

Anyway about spray painting, I want to know if it is legal? I would only use it on my property, and the neighbors are all friends so they don't care what we do in our backyard. Obviously I'm not going to go waving it around in public, but as long as it is in your own backyard, it's legal right? Sorry this might have been asked already, but I can't seem to find it. Ha I'm getting old

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