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Originally Posted by Kuji View Post
That's still just a real shame that I spent a good amount of money on those two weapons, plus ammo and accessories. I did endup getting some good stuff tho like dual shoulder holsters and pro grade BB's, but I should have waited until I was 18 to get the real stuff. Man if only I had known I wouldn't have given them a dime! Colossal facepalm
KJW pistols, even with a plastic lower, are actually pretty good and durable guns, you just paid much more for them than what they are worth (AV retailers sell most full metal KJW pistols for $150 to $200). Paint the lower frame black and use them, they are good. If they break, fixing them is cheap and parts for these pistols (except for the lower frame) are among the easiest to find (more on that when you get age verified).
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