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Originally Posted by Kuji View Post
Wow that's a crying shame. But that is a good point on getting the kids to shop there, I'm actually surprised I hadn't thought before. But I didn't know anything about AV, so those were perfect at the time. Well I certainly wont be buying anything big from them again. But I have two pistols, and they will serve me until next September. Then I can sell em and get the real stuff. But I've kinda grown attached to these, so maybe I would be able to find some full metal frames. Thanks for that insight.
In my opinion the best deal going right now on a high end airsoft rifle in Canada is the King Arms M4 for about $350 - 360 from several sources. At least one or two of those sources will open up to you once you have your AV, and one other is elsewhere but I can't say yet (though feel free to badger me about this when you have your AV).

It's a full metal rifle and has solid internals and you can basically take it all the way to the moon (just as far as any other high end brand like G&P, VFC, etc) in terms of upgrades and improvements, replace nearly everything visually from front to back, compatible with tons of parts (some of which are super affordable like the SHS parts, which is just a rebrand of King Arms anyway).

But yeah... I will echo the same sentiments as some of the other very wise people in this thread... The #1 advice that everyone is telling you in case you cannot read between the lines (and you're going to college so get ready to do a lot of that): Whatever you do, don't just buy from the site with the pretty pictures in a moment of rushed excitement.

We just had a newcomer on the forum in here a week or two ago that blew over 600 bucks on a rifle of a brand which will be tricky to upgrade and is somewhat incompatible with other brands and isn't even all that respected of a brand... And the crazy thing is he did it after asking for advice and then ignored it. From what I could tell he just couldn't wait to run to the local Paintball supply shop (mistake #1) to get a rifle for "the upcoming game" (mistake #2).. etc..
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