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Well I guess me and my handguns will hold out until then I thought that since it was a G&G full metal would be that expensive, but I've always wondered how the US dealers can sell a full metal version of the same gun for practically half the cost.

But as far as BuyAirsoft goes, they are actually not shady, they are excellent in my perspective. When the postal thing was going on during the beginning of summer, I ordered the KJW meu from them, and since Canada Post wasn't an option at the time, they shipped through DHL. When the box got to my house, that's what it was; a box. The next three monthes were me and BuyAirsoft owner Nicholle working together to get the money back from DHL, but since there was no insurance on it, DHL kept bull shitting us about it being lost and whatever, then they gave us half the cost. Nicholle made up the difference, and gave me some free stuff like patches, deck of G&G cards etc. All in all BuyAirsoft couldn't have done better on their end. Maybe that's just my success story, but they earned my buisness, which got me to buy the M9 from them.

But if I can get better guns once I'm AV from the classified, then I know where my money stands lol

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