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I wouldn't recommend that one. I'm not saying it's a waste of money but it's not effective use of your money.

Once you get AV'ed you'll see all the goodies you could imagine for sale. Sometimes gems pop up and you have to be quick to get them but you can get really good stuff at decent prices (at least when considering they're Canadian prices) if you have the patience.

Also, don't be so enthusiastic. It's great that you are but buy the gun first then attend a few games to get to know the gameplay and style you want before buying more stuff.

The way I started was I bought a gun off the classifieds when I was 18. I attended a few games with nothing more than my gun, a pair of goggles, a pair of hiking boots, and some flecktarn combats. After that I saw what other people had and what was effective then I bought accessories and stuff. Vests, pouches, mags, etc. Just remember you don't need to buy everything all at once. But you also don't need to buy things piece by piece either (cause shipping will kill you if you don't live near a place that you can get easy access to gear and accessories).

What I suggest is see what other players have and "lump" certain purchases to save on shipping. eg. Don't buy a vest, then some mag pouches, then some utility pouches, then a camelbak, then a holster. Buy those things all at once in manageable purchase sizes to save shipping costs.
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