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Originally Posted by Kuji View Post
Too bad lmao. I guess I'll wait until I'm 18, then see about getting full metal pistols.

Now I don't want to start a shit flinging contest, but is eighteen the recommended age, because I am mature for my age. It's rather anyoyying because alot of my friends are eighteen, but since I was born in September I'm not. Hell if I'm going to college next year I need to be mature. In fact I am even looking at a part time job so I can afford a vehicle which I'll need for college. Again I'm not complaining, just wondering. I had to rewrite this a number of times just so that there would be less risk of me being flamed :flame:
You can play at whatever age hosts will allow you to attend games for most that's 18. But you will not be age verified before your 18th birthday regardless of maturity. And therefore unable to gain access to the AV sections and classifieds. Now show us how mature you really are by accepting this and following the forum rules. Then when you are really an adult we will welcome you with open arms.
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eeyore, the more I look at your avatar, the more I find it looks like a vagina...
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