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Questions from a 17 year old

Hello gents, my name is Phil, and I am 17 years old. I live in Halton Hills in Ontario, and I enjoy airsofting.*

Before I begin my rant (so to speak), I want to let everybody know that just because I am under 18 does not mean I am a child or a "noob" (the only reason I posted this in this part of the forum is because I am new here, but not to airsoft). I am rather mature for my age. I am off to college next year, I just happen to be born later in the year (September 94').

About me and airsofting. I have been playing airsoft since I was a child (good old Clearsoft lol), and they have been my basis for getting into the sport. Recently I have moved up to the more expensive guns, as I currently own a KJW 1911 MEU, and a KJW M9, both purchased from the wonderful staff at*

However (as you are all aware) they come with the tinted lower frame. I've always wanted a full metal handgun, but the metal/plastic are the only ones available to civilians. Until I found out that if you get A/V here, you have access to full metal weapons.*

Now since I'm not yet eighteen, that is not available to me. But once I turn 18, I would be interested. But my problem is, did I just waste my money on the guns at BuyAirsoft? I am assuming no, because what I had in mind is that I would replace the lower frame of my handguns with the metal ones. Are those available once you are A/V? If they are that would be excellent, as I already own my own GBB's, so all that would be required is to swap the tinted frame with a metal one.

Thank you Gentlemen.

Stark Arms (VFC) Glock 17
Tokyo Marui 1911 MEU
KJ Works M92FS
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