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Mixing airsoft in a competitive environment


We had a CQB tournament last week end and I wanted to share the outcome with ASC at large for your feedback, advice and also to provide field experience for peoples who consider doing this type of event (and provide a starting point for rule to be use if you like them).

As organizer, I was fearful about the fact that airsoft and competitive play don t go along well (the I hit you, I did not hit you rhetoric among other thing…). One of the key factor I see in the airsoft I play over the last 10 years (In France and Canada) is the lack of competition, there is no winner/looser at the end of the day just peoples who had fun together. The tournament formula was steering away from this.


In any case, we when forward with this approach:
Location: The Mills in Quebec
8 teams of 5 men
6 refs, 2 per floor, 1 coordinator (compiling result, planning, trouble shooting, etc).
Each game took place on one floor, opposing 2 teams.
A game consisted of 2 rounds, each lasting 25 minutes. Team switched side after the first round.
Winning a round = 2 Pts, Draw = 1 Pts, Loss = 0 Pts.
Each team had a yellow balloon deployed on his side, with no clear line of sight (you had to be very close to engage it). Each team knew where both team balloon were.
To win a round, you either have to wipe out the other team, or blow his balloon, while not getting your blow within 25 minutes. If both team had member alive after 25 minutes and no balloon were blow (or both team balloon was blow), the round was a draw.
Each team played 3 games (6 rounds total), plus a final game opposing the 6 best team base on score.
Real Cap rules were in effect (all mags had to have the real amount of BBs as the real weapon, with extra BBs for hop up loss if needed). 2 nades max per player per game
We provided the BB, 2000 BBs per team per game (2 rounds). BBs left over from previous game could be use for the next game. BB required for grenade were not included in the 2000 limit per game. We use black BB for 2 reasons: quickly spot player who are not respecting the 2000 limits (if they use white BBs). Also, black BB force player to aim, not guide there fire with the "tracer" effect of white BB. In a competitive environment, I wanted to reward people who aimed.
Smoke nades were permitted.
"Standard" CQB rule were in effect (350 fps, no blind fire, red rag / glow stick, no shower launcher, etc).


The day when well, no mayor issue encountered, the refs made a big difference in solving issue right away. It was interesting to note how the duration of the round augmented during the day. The first round for all team was over in 5 minutes (out of 25). At the end of the day, we had match that ended with the timer ringing 25 minutes. It was great to see the change in mindset, player were less reckless, they started playing with the usual I will respawn anyway attitude in mind, moving to a my life is precious as the day progressed (which explained longer game).
The ranking of each team was on purpose kept hidden, this to reduce pressure and competitive attitude (I was afraid of people getting too serious / intense as they saw chance to be the best team). This helped keep the ambiance friendly and relax. We had at least one HD camera per floor, with some funny moment on tape.
Result were very close, Team in first place had 12 pts, 2 teams had 11 pts, one had 10…
We had a price ceremony at the end, where the 3 best teams had nametape stating the position in which they finished. Combine with nametape for different perk / action in game. Exemple, one player managed to shoot the other team 5 players on hiw own during a round, getting the One man army 2011 name tape. Another guy walked in wearing his CIRAS in reverse (with the pulling handle right below his jaw…), ended up with the Geardo 2011.


After running this edition, change for next year will be:
A game will consist of 4 rounds of 15 minutes (more, shorter round)
Having 8 refs, in order to have all team play all the time on the 4 floors.
1000 rounds per game per team (not 2000).
No smoke grenade (some players got "intoxicated").
I m very happy with the outcome, the notion of mixing airsoft and competition turned out great, with no sportsmanship issue at all. Seeing people playing in a more cautious (no respawn) way was great. Team with experience and good comm performed better too. It great to see that there is already some friendly feud between team that will last until the next edition!
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